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520.56.06 driver?

Will hive provide the 520.56.06 (or higher) drivers? Seems that nvidia just removed the lhr from the game :rage: Would imagine they are trying to get people to buy their cards lol

nvidia-driver-update --list                                                                                                                   
> Loading drivers list - 62
CUDA 11.2
  460   460.39  460.67  460.73.01       460.84  460.91.03                                                                                                     
CUDA 11.3
  465   465.27  465.31                                                                                                                                        
CUDA 11.4
  470   470.74  470.86  470.94  470.103.01      470.129.06      470.141.03                                                                                    
CUDA 11.5
  495   495.46                                                                                                                                                
CUDA 11.6
  510   510.47.03       510.54  510.60.02       510.68.02       510.73.05       510.85.02

This might help some of the lhr card limited cards like the 3050 and 3080(?)


I tried the new driver, but on autofan one of my cards showed 90% when it was 10°C below the setpoint. On a 510 driver the fan is around 66% at the setpoint

You’re welcome to try whichever driver you want, but we won’t include anything until it’s been thoroughly tested. Lhr is basically a non issue anyway and only benefits the 3050/3080 12gb maybe 10% on ethash/etchash which aren’t most profitable right now anyway.

nothing is very profitable right now lol

It might open the possibility of using some miners. I been trying several things, and some miners didn’t do very well because they don’t unlock. Using the new drivers might give those miners a chance. Though the ones that have an unlock are probably better and get more tlc. However it gives you more choices

Some miners aren’t updated to work correctly with the new driver. the algos that impacted by lhr run best on the miners that have lhr unlocking so again only benefits people right now on those 2 specific cards (which arent very popular by miners) on some algos that are less profitable than others. no need to rush anything.

Not quite true, I tested my 3070Ti rig with the new drivers and I was able to get better efficiency in both Ethash and Autolykos algorithms using the just updated T-rex miner. However, there are issues with setting the fans speeds, and one rig i tried kept throwing nvtool errors. That was a rig without any LHR cards that I was using for some regression testing. tried apt-get upgrade nvtool, but it fubarred the system, so am currently using hive-repalce to get it back to the latest stable.

As for profitable, it depends totally on your electricity costs. Where I am, all 20x0 series and higher are slightly profitable. For AMD, just some of the 6x00 cards.

Also the miner starts much quicker as it doesn’t have to try to figure out the LHR stuff.


Now imagine support gets flooded with tickets because of fan and nvtool issues. Like I mentioned, you’re welcome to try whatever you’d like, but until it’s proven it won’t yet be included in the builds for the very small potential upside,

How much time will it take to prove to be included in next hiveos build?

Whenever it’s deemed to bring more benefits than issues. No eta as of now. You’re welcome to manually install if you choose.

if you have issues (fan, nvtool, etc.) you can always revert to the version you were using before. So you can try it out and go back without penalties if you don’t like it.

I did tests with the new nvidia driver… but it didn’t work correctly with some miners and algorithms. I even went back to a smaller driver 496.46… it seemed to work better on ETHW+ZIL+ALPH

Well, I think it would be very nice to get it working properly in HiveOS. Currently I have a bunch of Windows rigs making use of the beta driver that allowed FHR on the 3060 V1 cards. If I can get those to run in HiveOS without the penalty that LHR unlock routines have, I would move all those Windows rigs into HiveOS. I really hate Windows forcing updates, and just being all around flaky. It would probably allow the mining software developers to simplify their code to eliminate the LHR hacks, and just overall make things run a lot cleaner.

You can get full unlock on 3060s in Linux using any of the popular modern miners with the 510.60-73 drivers. This has been the case for about 6 months or so. You don’t have to do anything special. Just install the latest stable hive image and select a miner that offers lhr unlocking like lolminer, gminer, trex, nbminer etc etc. that’s it.

Installed version - 510.68.02 (CUDA 11.6) > Driver package already exists > Checking package integrity check sums and md5 sums are ok > Stopping services > Unload modules successfull > Installing driver. PLEASE WAIT! Verifying archive integrity… OK Uncompressing NVIDIA Accelerated Graphics Driver for Linux-x86_64 520.56.06… > Failed (15) > Starting services Starting bzminer > Driver installation failed (15)

what to do?

if youre not running a 4090, probably best to just stay on the stable drivers for now. you can try reflashing a fresh hiveos install and try again though.

I’ve got a rig with 6x3070 and 1x3050…would like to full unlock 3050

youre missing about 3mh on ethash/etchash for the whole rig then. try a fresh install on an ssd of the latest stable image then download the driver if you wish to try.