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5 rx580 and 1 rx480

Hello everyone, i have some questions.
1- is this config good ?
2- are the temperature fine ?
3- i use ethermine pool and phoenixminer. what you think?
4- why some rx580 are cooler then others? for example gpu 0 is colder then gpu 3
5- how to remove failed vbios in cards section?

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Hey there,
In terms of efficiency, only RX 480 has a good ratio. Second thing I noticed is the state. On RX 580/480 only Core state work, mem state is for RX 5600/5700. Is hard to choose between Hashrate and Power consumption. But sometimes Power consumption comes with heat and lose of reliability of the cards. lowering the voltages and the core state will result in better ratio between hashrate and power, also better cooling, and reliability. Also the miner has something to do with power draw, I use lolminer because I have only 580 4GB and get around 30.7MH with 74W consumption and 46-48 degrees. Try Voltages around 850(memory Voltage can’t be more than core) and core state 1. Reduce a bit from memory clock, try 2150, and tweak until is stable hashrate and no invalid shares. Probably u will get around 31 MH per card but more efficiency and reliability. GPU3, probably needs new thermal compound, or it’s vents aren’t work properly. Good Luck!
P.S. Core clock around 1150 is better, 50MHz increase on core does not have that much effect on hashrate.

hello there. image
i don’t have any problem with the shares i tried to use core state 1 and lower the core voltage to 850 but i left the memory voltage blank so it’s default now. all of the graphics are new and i unboxed them by myself except rx480 thats old but still i opened it as new. 1200 core clock and 2200 mhz are stable for now and i don’t get any invalid shares but the only question i have now the temps.

this is my last config and status. what you think.
Do you think i should use memory voltage too? or anything i could make my setup better please share. thanks :heart:

Did you try lowering the core clock to 1150 on 580’s? Maybe you should try that individualy for the 3rd GPU to see if it will cool a litte bit. Or try my setting as attached.

In order to be stable at 2200MHz the memory still need voltage, then, I guess, if u insist to achieve 32 MH, just leave it as it is. As I say before, memory voltage can be no more than vcore voltage, even if u set it higher the OS driver will set it back to vcore value. I’ve seen in logs. I do not use vbios. Just tweak. Stale shares could have many reasons, not only the OC settings.

Man, where did you get them? at what price?

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