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5+ gpu’s won’t get recognized. GA104

Hello everyone,

I’m new to mining and cant get my rig to work properly.

My rig consists of:

  • 8 x 3060 Ti
  • 2 x corsair rm1000x
  • Intel celleron g4900
  • corsair ddr4 ram 8 gb
  • Asus z390 P motherboard

When i power 5 gpu’s, my motherboard bios won’t pop up and 1 of the gpu’s wont get recognized. It states GA104.

Can anyone tell me what im doing wrong, i set 4g enabled pcie gen 1. Bios updated, drivers updated.

have you gotten anywhere with your issue. im having same thing. thinking it might be dead card at this point.

Hi, yes. I think my problem was with boot priorities. Set hiveos to boot #1

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And remove the pcie boot options

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Enable 4g decoding use use gen2

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