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4x RX 5500 xt 8gb - mining BTG low hashrate

Hi everyone, I am receiving low hashrate while mining BTG (bitcoin gold)

I currently have 4x RX5500xt on my rig. 3 of them are mining ETH (28mhs each for some reason one card is getting 8-10 invalid shares a day) and 1 is mining BTG at 20h/s only (normally should be around 30h/s)

I am using pheonix miner for ETH with hiveon pool and lolminer for BTG with 2miners pool.

Current clock settings for all cards: fan75 / core 1100 / vdd 800 / mvdd 820 / mem 975
Current system: linux

your help is appreciated. thanks!

Hi, i had a similar problem, and i fix it whit lower mem hz.

was that to mine ETH or BTG?

Please see my settings below. Both card are same but I had to change OC values a little to make them stable.

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