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4x 5700 XT - 630W

Do you think the power consumption of 630W is a lot with 4 cards 5700XT? One card takes 105W. My platform is Motherboard
GA-MA790XT-UD4P Gigabyte, 4 risers 009S.

no that’s normal, I got a 4 5700 rig that is pulling 620W. The 5700s are actually pulling like 130-140W each, AMD cards do not report full wattage.

Only my cards have 100-110W ?

Yep, like I said AMD cards do not report the full wattage they are pulling more than they show there.

this is over simplified but if those cards are pulling 120,120,130,130, Cards are pulling 500w.
CPU, cooler & mobo 70W
PSU 90% efficiency
570 / 0.9 = 633w


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