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4th riser not working

So basically I started this little rig for a firend and we had 2 3060ti LHR on it and it was working fine with 1 pci e x16 and 1 riser in. Then we got him a 3rd 3060 ti LHR and the 3rd riser was working (LEDs working), but the GPU wasn’t turning on. We asked for a riser return and they’ve sent us a new one. In the meantime a friend of mine gave him one of his risers that were already used and we plugged it in and it is working with my friend’s riser. Now he got a 4th GPU and the returned riser was replaced, but again its not powering up the GPU…then we thought the seller is selling broken risers so we bought one from a company and again its not powering up the GPU…
We are using an old intel mobo with 3 pci e x1s and they all work with risers that were already working. Any idea why 3 brand new risers wouldn’t power up a GPU?

have you tested each riser on a known working card individually?

Yes, all the cards work perfectly, but not on those 3 risers, they work on the already used 3 risers tho

As long as you tested each by itself individually then it is what it is, bad risers are common.

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