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495.44 driver fault ga102 not working gpus

hello here. The video card driver, which is 495.44 today, was suddenly deleted from the driver list. and my video cards were renamed to ga102 and stopped working

Normally the names of the cards that look like “RTX 3080 TI” are as in the photo and it doesn’t dig anymore. I have 5 video cards and 4 appears.

I updated it back to the old version 470.86. and i deleted hive os from ssd and reinstalled it still didn’t fix
I took out the bios battery and will try to set it up again from the motherboard. When I removed the battery, the connection was completely gone. I think the problem is with the motherboard, but does anyone know the solution?

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Hi, not sure for a solution.
But the nvidia - non dhc - latest driver is 470.82.00.

Or try searching for “nvidia download non dch driver” and look the results. Good Luck

Updated nvidia driver last week I think, and that rig has 495.44, while lastest rig here has the NOW highest available version, which is only 470.86.

I’m facing the same issue and i downloaded the 495.44 from Nvidia and it dosent work… All my cards were like the 3080 Ti (GA102, GA103,…)
I tried many other drivers and nothing is working :confused:
Changed as well the PCIe slot, the cables, the MB, the RIG and nothing
Did you find a solution ?