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470 Rigg

Hello guys,

i just ordered my first AMD 470 Rigg and need some help since i never flashed a AMD card.

I just want to use the HiveOS Tool and i have a few questions: (Dont want to use windows)

  1. Is it possible to save my original BIOS with Hive OS?
  2. I ordered 4GB PowerColor Radeon RX 570 Red Dragon and
    8GB MSI Radeon RX 570 ARMOR. Is it a problem that one card has 4GB and the other 8? Do they have different hashrate?
  3. Is there maybe a tutorial video or the AMD OC settings? Specially with the undervolting (Core State (Index):, Core Voltage (mV): and Mem State (Index): )
  4. Does the 8GB version have the same OC Settings?

Thanks in advance!

  1. Yes it possible - save and flash VBIOS by HiveOS web interface
  2. It’s not problem at all. On most algos hashrate not depends from memory capacity (4/8 Gb)
  3. You can find link to video tutorial when open “AMD OC” dialog or find video on youtube channel directly.
  4. In general AMD OC settings depends from memory vendor, not from memory capacity

Great. Thank you very much for answering my questions.
I am really excited about my AMD Rigg.

Last two questions because i never worked with amd:

1)Will Hive OS suggest me a “good” ROM or do i need to search on my own? :slight_smile:
Because if so, i will do it before i build the rigg.

  1. What about dual mining? Is it worth it?

Thanks !