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4 gpus going offline

I have a rig of five 1060s and one 1660. Two of the 1060s are Zotac Mini, Two EVGA Mini and 1 is an Asus. Periodically the two EVGA’s and two ZOTAC 1060s will go offline at the same time. The miner does not seem to show any reason for this happening. (The Asus 1060 and 1660 never stop hashing)
I have tried dozens of different OC settings and I have removed OC completely.
I have replaced the PSU and then added a second PSU, just in case one was getting weak. I have 3 1060s on one PSU and 2 1060 and 1 1660s on the other. Regarless of how I have them powered, all four go down at the exact same time…always the same 4.
I have also tried changing the order of the cards on the motherboard.
I have tried different Hive Versions. I’ve upgraded and downgraded the drivers. I am at a total loss here.
I am not understanding why it is specifically the same 4 cards and how/why they could all stop hashing at the exact same time.
Any help would be appreciated.

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