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3x Asus Rx 470 4gb are always crashing

Hello I have some problems with my 3 rx 470s 4gb. The issue is my 3 rx 470s are not stable. It is like this: I apply my oc settings and its working fine for 2-3 days after that time they are crashing and the time between the crashes are getting always shorter. This happens with every oc that ive applied… The Bios is modded but only with custom memory timings.

Idk what the issue is they only use 60-63 Watts per card and they do with the current settings 30.60Mh/s. The joke is I have an other rx 470 4gb from sapphire and this card is just running with higher settings and the same power consumption. The sapphire card is doing 32.10MH/s stable.
Im mining Ethereum Classic with those cards.

Here are the settings from the sapphire card.

man , i mean for my personal suggest, your MEM setting which is 2125 is a little bit higher. Can u keep 32M steadily?

Yes its working fine im getting 2 more cards I will see if it also works

I have an update for you if you are intrested

. Now the card works stable with that hashrate:

Wich algorithm you use? KawPow + RVN ?

ty man, appreciate it.

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