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3x 5700xt detected but will not mine

I have two MSI 5700XTs and an Asus ROG. All three are detected by HiveOS but will not start to mine. I think all the connections are good as the risers, ports, etc all work if I swap out for 3070’s. I have not attempted changing bios, etc.

I did get one to mine once…at 750kh. So a little more than 1% of what I expected. Then, upon reboot, no mining at all.

What version of hive os you run ? and what driver ?

Open CL 20.40

OS - [email protected]

Do you have fix he motherboard bios settings (pci Gen 2 ) mining mode- above 4g decoding …etc? if yes the second thing is the flight sheet… what miner you put and wallet addr - and pool ?
then oc settings for stock bios on your cards 1400 - 800 for gpu and mem 890 for safe option …

Do you have mix rig (nvidia + amd) if yes check your miner for supporting the two cards (phoenix miner support mix rigs…

I do not have the option for above 4G decoding. It is an older board. I unplugged the old windows drive from it (had 2 5700xt mining on it) and put in the USB drive with HiveOS.

I assume the flight sheet is fine. It has the address, pool, and I was using ethminer, but saw that pheonixminer might be a little better (I now get 3MH/s more for the four cards)and just now swapped to make that my default. Will test by pulling the nvidias and throwing the AMDs back in.

I tried mining with Hive and ethminer with a single AMD and still no dice. Will continue to mess with it today though. Will keep in mind to stick with Pheonix just to keep the option of mixed rigs.

Yes ,go ahead with phoenix miner for mixed cards … and team red miner for AMD only… i thing your problem is your motherboard … … you have 8 gigs of ram i suppose in your board?

Remove the risers and connect the two cards directly to the MB slots, then re-check.

Bad risers are the devil’s spawn… they have screwed a LOT of miners.

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