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340+ MH/s 6 X 5700 XT

After about a week of Tweaking I have finally settled on the configuration below and it is fairly stable witha reboot once every 24hrs or so.

This is using the modded BIOS trick and all the voltage settings as can been seen in the picture.
I have tried using drivers version 19.50 but got slower results by around 3 MH/s per card.
Using the latest 20 drivers from AMD resulted in my overclocks/undervolts not working and the hashrate being much poorer.

if i put 5.6.0 kernel my cards won’t mine and how come that yours are working and even memory type is detected ? What is the consumption on the wall for the machine ?

I just used the latest beta straight from HiveOS. I havent updated the AMD drivers or anything else.
It would help to know what cards you are trying to run.
As for the consumption at the wall I am using 1015 Watts total.

the sam, 5700xt red dragon

Have you done the Vbios mod to the memory timings? Not that that would change the fact that the cards arent being seen.
Also I have managed to lower the voltages a little more since then to 775mV on both vdd and vddci.
this dropped a couple of watts per card so now around 1000w at the wall.

the powercolors are here, yes they are bios modded

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Your memory temps are quite high. Do you have a high ambient?
I see you are trying to undervolt the memory as well.
If I set my vdd to 775 but then run amd-info in the console I see that the vdd is at 750mv.
So I am not convinced that what we are seeing in HiveOS is actually being delivered to the cards.
I know that none of this is any help for your initial question.
Just throwing thoughts around really.

i observe the same behavior that not always what i put as clock in Hive is replicated in amd-info and i don’t know how to lower the watage more.