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30mhs vs 100mhs giving same shares?

Good day everybody , so i have a question
i am currently mining Firo using 1 RTX 3070 and 7 RX 580/480 on the same flight sheet Trex+TR
T-rex generated 327 Accepted shares with 30 mhs BUT Teamredminer generated 365 AS with 100MHS
shouldn’t Teamrednminer generate 3 times the amount of accepted shares seeing that triple the hashrate ?

shares are not weighted equally if the pool is using vardiff

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so should i switch the pool ?

No, as long as the miner is submitting shares that’s all that matters. Check the pool for the accepted/average hashrate and verifiy it’s close (within 10% or so) of what the local hashrate is and you’re good.

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the hashrate is pretty close , miner report 129.6 and the pool report 127.87
so its fine , i shouldn’t worry about it ?

Yep. Feel free to do some reading up on vardiff if you’d like to understand more. It’s basically just a way to keep pools from essentially ddos-ing themselves from every card submitting a ton of shares.