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3090ti Whats the best Memory Temp

Hi there,

With the new update in HivOs we can see now the memory temp but thiking about it…what is the best solution? More power consumption with more hashrate or cooling the memory to get better performance.

Please share yours OC and temps. Thanks

May be a troll, but who has 3090 Ti ? :sweat_smile:

Increase fan speed if you want lower temps. Or set autofan up with your max mem temp you want and it will do as much as it can to stay at that temp.

Also, you should fine tune the oc better, find the highest stable mem clock, and lowest locked core clock that maintains full hashrate. No power limit needed. You should be in the 128-134mh range on those cards.

Most of this GPUs can get under 128-134 mh but I wanna see mem temp. Thats why I share my temps!!! How many have 95 C° or higher memory temp? Check this and whats your opinion?

lower temp the better. like your screenshot shows they will throttle at 110c. if you want a cooler temp, increase the fan speed. imo anything under 90c is more than fine.

Thanks… I think the same !!!

Almost stable running a year.

Those aren’t ti’s though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: