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3090 Ti Lolminer 1.48 Eth + TON dual mining problems

Hey guys, I just checked my TON balance and saw that my rig (3080 10GB and 2x3090 Ti) has not been mining any TON since a day or so. In HiveOS. the combined hashrate is still the same at ± 9.793 GH. I saw that 1-2 days ago, Lolminer updated from 1.47 to 1.48. I have tried changing my Wallet address to another one, to see if that was the problem, but to no avail. Using Whales pool btw. Does anyone know what is wrong?

On another note: 3090 Ti’s still showing up as ‘Device 2203’ in HiveOS, although this does not affect functionality.

Check the miner in console for any errors.

On the rig where it’s not showing the proper name, update the driver.

I’m also having this issue. When I try to update the driver, I get the following error:

Unload modules failed

Probably easiest/fastest to reflash the image via hive-replace -s than it would be to troubleshoot any software issues.

Fixed? I want to buy a 3090 Ti for minning.

im using 2 3090 TI for eth+ton personally

I keep getting a verification failed on my new Nvidia rtx 3090 ti. What do I do?

can you screenshot the error?

I will. Next time I’m in-front of my work station. I had to leave my house.

I just got the card in the mail today. I was setting the OC. Put everything at stock. Then started messing with the memory. Got my crash. Set it back 10%. Think it crashed at 3750. Set it to 3350. Once I did that it showed the error that 100% failed to load on reboot of the miner. And it started counting ever share invalid.

Right now the card is at stock settings when I left. All I did was throttle the PL back to 295. 110 mh right now. Did have it up to 140 mh when overclocking.

Updated my drivers to latest settings thinking that may be the issue. All that did is name the card instead of it just being a number on my dash.

Now I’m scared to set overclock because I don’t want the card to be unrecognizable or all shares be invalid. But once I get back into it I’ll take pictures.

Anything coming to mind that could be the issue?

That’s really high on the memory, 2800-3000 is probably as high as you’d want to go

Could it be really to high value😅

I’m about to start overclocking the card here shortly. I’m going to set memory around 3000. I saw your core was set to about 1000. That seems high? Or not with this card

4x rx 6700xt
7x rtx 3060 ti lhr
1 rtx 3090 ti

i have my core at 1200, thats lower than stock

I found my best hash rate at an efficient rate was 1200/3000/340 (core/mem/pl). Anything above 3000 for the memory and the card would turn red and 100% of the shares would be invalid. Almost sounds like an update needs to be made for it. Mining on nbMiner.