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3090 resets frequencies

3090 resets frequencies after 2 minutes of operation to 60-70 mh \ s. What could be the problem?

What algo u mine? what version hive? what driver? what connection u have to riser (molex or sata or 6pin) what motherboard u have , what psu u have…
And finally Put a picture of miner if u want to help u…

eth, hive pool, lolminer.0.6-202@210331 hive os ver.
molex connection to riser.
z290 a pro msi.

after rebooting the rig, the consumption is about 320 watts and gives out 118 mh, but after a while the consumption drops to 280 watts and 100 mh

Wich cards has error in consuption ? if all maybe have a problem with Psu ? (what type Psu have? ) Make power connections with 6 pin…(its better and safer!!!)

Error with 3090 only. PSU Zalman ZM750-GVII 750W (used only 2 cards)

Check power settings at this card and make sure for 6 pin connection to riser… also change riser to check it…

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