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3090 only 79 MHS. What in the world, why?

Any help is appreciated…seems like this should be doing better.

Looks like thermal throttling to me.
Try cool the card down, see if it performs better.
If it does, consider some work on the Vram thermal pads.
Especially Aorus cards are known for thermal throttling.

try MEM 2000 and Fan at 70%…power @ 280

Wow. I put a huge fan on this miner which had 3 3090s all doing about the same. and Viola, now IM in low 90s…which is much better

Thank you. Wonder if this means I should attempt to work on the thermal pads…never done it…

Checkout videos for 3090’s…also within HiveOS is an Autofan function…I think your card is working harder than necessary which creates heat.