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3090 oc settings

what is a good setting for 3090 cards? i have a few different brands incl. founders edition, MSI and EVGA that i’m testing out. having issues getting above 118mh.

-300 core
1000 memory
PL 300


any thoughts?

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I’ve been running -300 1700 PL300 for a bit at 118MH & 280ish watts at wall a day or so
Temp is 41C.

No issues


Running T-Rex v.0.19.9

118 MH/s seems to be the best I’m getting from this GPU.

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How can you keep the card so cold?! Mine is running at 60C.

It makes no sense to compare temperatures without knowing the ambient temperature. Some rigs are in cold basements, others are in living rooms. The 3090 below is in a garage that is quite cool, not sure what is the exact temperature.

My initial results:


será que da pra usar essa configuração nessa placa? geforce rtx 3090 24gb xlr8

i have MSI 3090 Suprim there is my settings

123 MSH

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