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3090 OC Settings 2850 memory clock

Saw this on hiveos discord oc so copied and it seems to work well but mem clock seems crazy high.

It’s the best hash rate I’ve managed from my cards.

I run one of my 3090’s at 1200 core 3000 memory, it gets 126.5, the other i run at 1150, and 2900 it gets 26.0 both on t-rex. The backing plates on both cards are extremely hot to the touch, I’m hoping it’s just because they are doing a good job cooling the memory.

Yeah the back plates are well hot due to vram being 90-100 degrees celsius.

I test them in windows to see what vram temps they get with similar settings (mem halved)

i have a 3090 gaming trio on windows at the mo which was getting very hot so I’ve stuck some heatsinks on the back plate and an extra fam which has bought vram down from 98 to 92.

Be careful with these settings, if you need to shutdown your rig, make sure you stop the miners for a bit first and have the cards fans running to cool them down. I shutdown my rig, and now 1 of my 3 cards only hashes at 120.5 now. I think it baked the thermal pads, have some on order

my card on the setting provided is giving only 62mhs

All my 3090’s start throttling at around 53 degrees on the core tempature/110 degrees on the memory, your card is running wayyyyyy to hot for a 3090

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