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3080Ti LHR in NbMiner 39.3


I struggle to get over 76mh using LHR 3080Ti (Palit/Micron) in HiveOs.

Are there any specific “extra config arguments” that need to be adjusted in the flight sheet for NbMiner to achieve better result and unlock this LHR bug?

I have Core -100, Memory 2100, PL 300.

Thanks in advance!

Hi, I have the same gpu.

82Mh/s stable.


Hi there, thx! How it’s possible that I cant go beyond my MH although using your configs?

Are you using NbMiner and ethermine pool?

What’s the miner here?

NBMiner 39.3.

With NBMiner the hashrate keeps fluctuating. But then, the reported hashrate shows higher like 77-82MH (180-320watts), but actual shares are less (30% to 35%) compared to my stable config with 66MH (215 watts) on T-rex miner.

Have you tried the stable less power options? Can you compare and let me know. Thank you!

I have the same problem as you.
I have some 3080TI cards and ONLY 3080TI PALIT can not reach more than 70 MHs on ETH.
Did you solve the problem ?

Hi bro. This card on my rig currently reaches ~78MH since I overclocked it and using GMiner now.

Core -500
Mem 3600
PL 300

Hope this helps!

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