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3080TI - Ethereum - OC settings

Greetings fellow miners,

Does any one found the sweet spot for the OC settings for 3080TIs?
My 3080TI - Gigabyte Vision struggles a bit passing 82 mh/s.

I am using the latest nvidia drivers 495.44 and the latest verion of gminer because its the most stable miner in my case. I tried using NBMiner with the recent 74% unlock but it’s a little bit crappy.

I think the memmory temperature on those cards have some issues. Any ideas?

I’m averaging 85 mh/s.

I found this video and have tried to replicate it as close as possible, but I can’t get there. Not sure if it’s my drivers or version of T Rex.

Edit: Maybe I should of read the title of the video. Apparently a new version of T Rex came out yesterday. I’m going to give it a try now.

Here are my numbers after rolling back to to 496.13 drivers, using the newest version of T-Rex miner, and using the OC settings in the video above.

Hello MooseKeyz, thank you very much for your suggestions. I’ve tried it with some older version of nvidia because hiveos is not letting me update to that version for some reason. Is unstable af :P.

Did you change your thermal pads for the memory? I think this is my main problem atm.

I will update you once hiveos let me update the version of nvidia.

Also there is no way for me to check the memory temp because of hiveos.

  1. Maybe the cuda version needs to change to become more stable
  2. Change thermal pads to help the card run smoothly

Also I saw that you are using a gigabyte card. Is that the vision one?

I get between 81 and 83, no matter what I do. RTX 3080ti TUF’s. x3.

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I only get between 79 - 82 as only using gminer 2.70v.
I still think is a matter of memory pads. I will change them once I make the time and I will let you know.

I’m using a stock RTX 3080 Ti (GV-N308TGAMING OC-12GD) and haven’t changed out the memory pads. I noticed the temps are high on the memory. I’m hitting 100C at +1300 offset so I lowered it +1200.

I get between 85 and 89, I just changed to T-rex 0.24.7.

My model is Zotac GeForce® RTX 3080 Ti AMP Holo 12GB GDDR6X

But I have to try mining two crytos, like ETH and Ergo… will see what happen =)

Adding the same Zotac to my rig next week, looking forward to your results! Thank you for sharing.

What drivers are you using?

There my settings running on nbminer latest version hiveos hope this can help


It’s working well for me too! =)

Thank you!

What drivers are you using?


I tried T-Rex miner and indeed it’s very good but each card can’t be overclocked the same way need to go step by step


did you guys have to add any special arguments in the config section?


This one do you mean?


Not in my case, just whatever you can see on my screenshot above =)

no what I ment was did you add any arguments in the config in the flight sheet,

no, nothing =)