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3080's giving error ( gpu 01:00.0 - Not Found (6) )

Hi guys I’m getting this issue= gpu 01:00.0 - Not Found (6). For the first time in all of my rigs. I tried moving it to other rigs and they don’t work either, I tried updating the OS, and still no help. They are non-LHR so I know that’s not the problem. If anyone had this happen to them, tips, or things I could try, I would highly appreciate it. They are not Bios modded, I’m using riseless closed air mining rigs, so I know risers are not the issue. And I tested the mobo so that’s not the issue as well.

Which driver are you using. You need 465 atleast

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The drivers were the problem, fixed it 100%! My drivers were old and I used this video to fix the issue

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