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3080 TI missing unit

Added a 3080ti LHR to my rig to see how it goes, already have 3 x 3090, a couple needing pad replacements already, but Hive will not register the 3080, even though it has detected it.

Also have tried to have the 3080 mine NBminer, but it doesnt detect it either.

Have updated to latest nvidia drivers, motherboard is H110 BTC pro, only using 4 pcie so far, plenty of power available, 8gb ram etc.
Any ideas?


Hello, that means you need to update your drivers, you are probably running an older than 470 nvidia driver :slight_smile:

Turned out to be a rookie mistake on my part.
I had also changed the power supply on the rig, and didnt connect SATA power.
As soon as that was done. It was all running fine.


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