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3080 Ti LHR Not stable


i do have an issues with my new rigs, i will try to make it clear,

Used 2 PSU
1800w mining PSU
2400w HP server PSU
connecting throw 24 pins and jumper for server PSU. ( 1800w will be replace soon with 2400 HP server due the slow running of HP server the 1800w faster little bit so the GPU will not recognize in the first start up reboot required to make all GPU works fine)

NBMiner 68% for LHR totally not stable, not sure its because of the miners or anything related

Risers are okay , SSD for Hive OS, the power more than enough for the GPUs, stable internet i do have another rigs, they disconnecting and rebooting not showing any error in miners logs just suddenly go to 0 and restart miners back to works after 5 min, that all.

i wrote everything i could to make the solution easier.


Do you get the same issue if you remove overclock settings?

i removed the OC now to test it but its seemed to be same, but i will keep it for few hours, should i keep the PL ? or keep it open to test it because the W reached to 3000 KW.

to update you yes even with removing the OC it will be dropped to 0 for 5 min then back to normal its never become stable.

Hi yousef, change the miner software, Gminer for example, other software more stable than Nbminer


LHR need to works with NBMINER other miners will not works fine.

now all fine Thx.

300W for 78MHs? I really hope you are not paying for electricity…

Hi Ramses our electricity cheaper than yours if you reached to this point.

Now all fine? How did you fix it? Please share

Hi, all fine i managed the OC and try to avoid to reached the limiter with the last NBminer update, so tell me what’s your problem if you have maybe i can help ?

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