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3080 Ti LHR 12 Gb High mem temp

Is it safe to run 3080 ti LHR at 90-96 Celsius ? I have stable hashrate . Anyone else getting this hashrates on 6000 series? or am I too lucky on silicon lottery? GPU guys are welcome to test my settings :grin:

your core clock can be lowered a bit which should lower your power draw a bit. 94c isnt terrible though. i would see if you can get more airflow to that card and the others as 60c on the core is on the warm side

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ok Ill try . I live in warm part of India where temperature is almost 35-40 during daytime. I have fans but bad ventilation. cant change hot air quickly

overall its not bad. if you cant get them lower thats fine.

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one of my RX580 with samsung memory is often showing N/A after 5-6 minutes of mining. so I’ve reduced the memory clock to 2000 from 2250. its now stable at 26.44mh . I am worried if that card is going to die. its merely one year old. can you help?

Keep the core temp below 70c and it should be fine. Is it bios modded? Ref value set based on mem type?

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no it is stock bios only. samsung memory K4G80325FC

Samsung isn’t as important for bios modding. Try setting the ref value that matches Samsung at the bottom of the overclock window

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