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3080 or 3060ti

Witch one would you choose:

Evga rtx 3080 xc3 Hybrid (price 959)
evga rtx 3080 fwt3 ultra (price 959)
Gigabyte RTX 3060Ti Gaming OC (price 599)

I’m thinking to buy 2 of 3080 or 3 of 3060.

I have both 3080’s and 3060ti’s and i’m very happy with the 3060ti’s.

The 3080’s, one Gigabyte eagle, one Color, are super sensitive to temps and seem to thermal throttle down too quickly.

the 3060ti’s have great power consumption and are much more stable but in my country are much harder to get at MSRP.

but as you can see different brands yield different results.

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lol, good luck buying any video cards these days. If I were you, I would buy anything you can get your hands on. Everything sell out by bots within minute after it’s available. seconds for the top end stuff.

Buy what you can
3z3060 is better for sure.
If you can - buy any brand.
3080 is still good.

I should recive 2 of each on Friday

So I finnaly get them.any suggestions??

I have the 3090 that’s almost like the 3080 and a 3060ti.

To be honest, I would prefer to have many 3060ti because they are very cold and produce very well.

As you can see, I could reach a stable 64Mh/s with the 3060ti so if you get 2X3060ti (good luck to find them) you will have a production of 128Mh/s which will be on par with the 3090 for a lot cheaper (Price to pay for the GPU + Electricity).

On the other hand, a bigger card like the 3080 would be useful for future mining and could provide you with bigger returns than the 3060ti.

That was just my 2 cents.

thank you boddy i used this conf and my 3080 gigabyte eagle hashrate from 82/4 and 88/7 turned to almost 97 Mh thank you soooo much :wink:

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