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3080 gpu driver error : no temp

I have some problem in gpu driver error : no temp what’s wrong with this other 3 is fine same 3080 same oc same version bios same brand

Same. I have 3080s and suddenly today I’m getting this error every 10 to 30 minutes. Really hoping for some help/a fix to this. I’ve changed from trex to gminer, lowered oc by a lot, replugged psus and risers…nothing has helped yet.

Yeb I can’t find the way out so you try SMOS?

Is it work? I will try tomorrow

So I just rolled back the nvidia drivers to 460.73.01 and I’ve been good for an hour and a half. Try doing that and see if it helps.

also I notice your hashrate is a bit low compared to my cards…what are your overclocks? your temps seem good.

This is the real one when mining

-200 2550 175w
Fan 80%

Ah ok those are good numbers. Yeah I installed the second newest driver and I haven’t had any issues since, been mining since I switched last night. I’d give that a shot, just go into shellinabox and you can launch the reinstall with a command

I just sold that card haha

What about driver you used??
What number version

nvidia driver for linux 460.73.01, its still working for me

Hello now you still ok with that driver version??
No temp error??

I did have my rig reset once yesterday but otherwise it has been fine. So it isn’t a perfect fix but its better.

I’m having the issue again. I have no idea what is causing it. The cards aren’t too hot, they aren’t being oc’d too hard. Really wish this forum had some answers.

The forum can give you an idea what the problem can be, but there is no a such thing as single solution.
it can be drivers, risers, motherboard connection that it making the card go crazy and that is why its giving you that error…and so on
What i will do is:

  1. swap the cables from another card - risers and everything, and see if the issue is there
  2. Fresh install of HiveOS, you can try some other pool - Trex is good for Nvidia - just for a day or so to see if the problem is there!
  3. Re-seat all cables to the PSU and mobo. not only for this card - for all cards on the rig!
  4. if you have empty slot, move the card there!

keep us posted!

Good Luck!

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Just gonna tack on here, I’m getting the same exact issue with the same card. Swapped Risers, swapped pcie slots, checked connections, checked OCs, dialed back OCs, tried older drivers, nothing. Brand new 3080 RTX.

what miner are you using?

No conclusion on all connection the problem maybe on psu that I notice I only change psu and the problem show up

I use trex but now I sold that card and just find a new one and no problem on other cards

i am glad you found another card and it works.
for those machines, always use quality PSU and dont max it out - meaning, dont push it to the limit, always leave some room - if its 1000W lets say - dont go over 750-800w - this is my personal opinion…

Didn’t use to limit psu
My psu 1600w
I just use 3x 3080 but only 1 have this problem so I just sold it out

I think this is have problem with hiveos bug or something else on card but I just switch to simplemining card runs everything good

I don’t know why

Hi together!

I’m having this problem (unsolved) with one Gigabyte Aorus 3080 Master v2. (Having these two GIF-Displays. It starts at rd. 100 MH and drops after 1min down to 60, finally the complete Rig stopps working. GPU Driver error, no temps appeares.

No way to get the card working stable.
Has anyone this card in a Rig working properly?


(HiveOS, Phoenixminer)