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3080 Founders Edition keep automatically rebooting on start of HIVEOS during DAG verification

Hive Community,

I need your assistance.

I’ve been running 6x 3080’s founder editions on HIVEOS for the past 30 days. I’ve noticed the rig would randomly reboot the CPU and Miner, sometimes every hour, sometimes every 6-12 hours, very random. Then last night something super odd happen, the entire rig went down, I added a monitor to it to see what was going on, I determine when HIVEOS boots up and it gets to the DAG verification part it automatically reboots, and loops this process each time, causing it now to not fully boot up and mine any longer. I unplugged one GPU at a time and rebooted, and determine if I have 5 GPU’s plugged in it works perfectly fine, with no reboot on start of HIVEOS, and I left it over the past 14 hours online with not one single automatic reboot. But as soon as I plug in 6 GPU’s it will fail at the time it gets to DAG verification process on start and reboot the entire CPU, and causes this endless loop. I really could use your community support here. Look forward to any responses.

What clocks on the problem 3080? Have you tried swapping cards around to rule out risers/cables/adapters etc?

Thank you for your response.

Here’s my clock settings. I have already switched out all rizers, and cords, motherboard + cpu, SSD, pretty much everything. Only thing I have switched out is my two 1200 Power Supplies, that was going to be my next thing to try. Not sure how it could be power related but worth a try since I haven’t switched them out yet. Any feedback or comments would be greatly appreciated.

Figured out this issue. Power supply was at fault, a pci express cord going to the power supply melted into the power supply. Swapped out power supply and issue fixed.

Switch to locked core clocks and you’ll save some power (and maybe save a few cables from burning too)