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3080 added to my current 3070 rig will over heat

Hi , does anyone came thru with this problem .
i am having a Auros 3080 added into my 3070 rig . the 3080 temperature direct shoot up to 80c .
but when i unplug and plug it into another rig( Only run 3080 ) . the card temperature become stable .

what is the distance between the cards?
is there an additional supply of air?

Also whats the OC settings you use, the same on every rig?

yeah , there’s lots of space between the card around 10cm . I also added 2 ventilation fan for the airflow.

For 3070
core -500
memory 2600
fan 75%
pl 130

core 1100
memory 2000
fan 80%
pl 235