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3070ti Not recognized

I have a 6x 3070ti rig on RVN. I have one card that is intermittently recognized by hive OS on boot. its usually not. But when it is recognized my load average shoots through the roof bogging down the whole rig. I upgraded my CPU (swapped out the AMD Ryzen 3 1200 quad-core for what’s in there now) and still experienced the high load average when all 6 cards are recognized.

Edit. I was able to isolate the issue to that specific card. I get a high load average and gpu driver error, no temps on it. the driver is up to date. any tips?

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Following along here, becuase I have the same issue. Seven rigs that been running for 42 days with zero issues.

Last week, I put each worker into maintenance mode and upgraded HiveOS as well as nvidia drivers. Now, constant errors with 2 rigs unusable.

  • “GPU driver error, no temps”
  • cards not recognized

Nothing else was changed except for OS upgrade + nvidia driver updates.

Hi,i make yesterday rig with 4*3070ti aorus,when i put oc settings 1350,2350,250(hiveos),after couple minutes one card lose hashrate and whole rig freez and i got gpu error,no temp.
Any help?

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