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3070ti issue

my 3070ti show in the hiveos as one of the device.
however it will never work on the miner.

any one have the same expericed?

I am not sure but to me it appears its not recognized well. maybe you need the nvidia driver 470 something.

i try to update the driver but Hiveos do not have the latest driver 470 for update in the server

specify it with the command . after the nvidia driver update command write 470 as the version. it should try to connect directly to NVIDIA website and download it from there.

i try , it say didnt found the 470

any others way to update the drivers?
the server of hiveos do not have the latest driver

check how to install Nvidia driver in linux ubuntu console, you will need to use the commands for linux.

never found any solution for it

@sentlon I answered your question in my post. Hope that helps, good luck: RTX 3070 ti not recognized in HiveOS or nvidia-settings

basically, you must VNC into your rig, use the update script by opening a terminal tab and running:

Here is the HiveOS link on the tool:

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