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3070TI Gigabyte with Ergo

Hi Guys
I am running a rig of 3070ti
I am getting hash rates between 177-179 Mhs on all the cards.

but every no and then one or more cards drops down to 128 Mhs or so (every half an hour or so for about 2-3 mins)

I have on occasion been able to get 189 MHs from some of the cards in the rig
But every time these cards touch this hash rate the others drop.

Any idea why this might be happening?

I have the same problem, but this settings work for me, i got stable 180 Mhs/s for 3070Ti

Thanks @1389MaRe

Will try these

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1650 Absolute core? I didnt think Hive had Absolute core settings for the 3070ti?

U can try this too, but for my cards 1650 give me best hash and its very stable!

And trust me i try everything :smiley:

Those New gpus are so power hungry. 170? Watts?
Thats alot.
My 3080 ftw3 gets 212MH at 180 watts on Ergo
My 3070s ftw3 get 165MH at 110 watts.

Thats kinda too much power for 3070

My 3070s give 163 Mhs @ 95W

Show me

Your memory is probably way to high.

If you want to do your internet rain speed test . I want to share a site with you.

Try using offset core clock. From my experience absolute core clock on LHR cards may trigger the hashrate limiter.

It’s normal because it uses GDDR6X.

Whats normal?

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