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3070 zotac x6 mining rig don't mine

3070 zotac x6 mining rig don’t mine

Hello a month ago I built a rig with 3 rtx3070 amp holo zotac here I send the list of components I used, psu850 gigabyte
trying OC or found a right OC so I decided to add 3 more rtx 3070s to the same rig by buying an extra 850 psu, so an adapter I connected the two psu and then all the graphics
The first week was fine then always doing tests with OC but never without exaggerating I changed the oc which gave me many invalid shares to one who did not give me more and after a few days the rig no longer mines practically, I restart it and then the miner does not it starts by itself then I have to restart miner and it starts going for a while but then it disconnects us from the internet even if there is a connection and the graphics keep running and it seems to mine but it is not mining, now I only have 3 connected graphics and does not work. How can I solve my problem someone can help me understand what the problem is or what kind of test I have to do to understand so far I have changed algorithm, I have changed miner I have changed Pool, I send screen thanks

Well . Try updating the hiveos to latest and the drivers to 465.
Then use absolute core clock settings. Something like 1300.

U have to picture it with full screen, so we can see if every GPU has the same memory supplier… it can be samsung/hinix or Micron… and the OC is differen for every memory type.

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