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3070 ti LHR ASUS TUF GAMING OC settings

Dear Members,

can you please suggest best overclocking setting for ASUS TUF gaming 3070 TI LHR CARDS as i am getting very low hashrates on those cards.

used all different miners as well now i am using LOL MINER
Your help is very much appreciated

Hello, if I am not mistaken the latest version of gminer can now read the memory temps for the GDDR6X cards like yours, that’s my first note, I think its worth trying.

Moving on, your cards may be all 3070TI but each card has its own unique oc settings due to the lottery of silicone. If you use core overclocking you do not need to use power limit. Try tweaking each card individually with different OCs to maximize your hash.

You can also try to dual mine ethereum with some other coin so you can utilize the potential of your cards at a greatest level.

These, are my notes :stuck_out_tongue: just try them out if you have time.

I think your core temps are too high, max up the fans, in the long term a broken fan is easier to fix than a dead GPU.

probably thermal throttling. what are the mem temps?

Thanks Bigpoppa .i will try and let you know.

8192 MB

thanks alot brother

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The memory temperature, not size. You can see it in the miner console in the shell on trex, gminer or lolminer.

aww sorry bro.please see the below

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Yeah all that are at 110 are throtttling. Turn the fans to 100%

yea already on 100% bro

Turn autofan off

can you please advise me how.sorry bro.

In the menu click autofan and then disable

ok bro done.

can you please advise why the power used for ASUS is always below 140

It’s throttling itself to keep from damaging itself. Everything is too hot

how can i make it optimum.can you please advise the OC setting for these cards.

Your clocks should be fine, lhr doesn’t make much of a difference for core clock as long as it’s high enough. Reboot and get the temps down and they will perform better.

thanks alot bro its is going well and mem temp is reducing.

whats the optimal mem temp.??

90 or less is where you want to be.

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