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3070 ti getting 58.5 mh/s with NBMiner in ethash

Hi everybody! i have just launched a new rig with 4 3070ti mining eth with NBMINER. At the begining everything was ok, i didnt have any problem but 18 hours later, suddenly my rig started to fail and fail. It couldn´t get steady neither reach 58.5mh/s any more.
Have anybody had the same problem before? Can you recommend me any overclocking setting better than mine (coreclock -200, memory clock 3800, PL 200, fans at 65% because they do not need more, they were under 55° (celcius).
SO thank you so much if you can help me. Have a nice day.

turn the memory way down. some of my 3070ti arent stable above 2300, most can do 2800 though.
use locked core clocks for 30 series, i run 1300 on mine on trex 24.7 and get 60-61mh, best results will take some tuning.

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Nice, so could you please send me your current settings? Please? To reach that mh/s? Thanks…

They’re listed in the comment above. 1300 core, 2300-2800 on memory.

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Awesome! And do you use any other recommendation or extra setting ?
Is your rig stable with that settings or does the locker push them down? Thank you so much for your time, if you don’t care, can I have your email or phone?

These are my settings

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Thank you so much my brother/sister!

Try this one , core 1530 / mem 3500 / pl 200 , I’m stable between 61 to 62 in nb miner v39.6 , most of the time power is at 184w Sometime it will goes to 200w and Im using Zotac Trinity 3070Ti with Micron Mem.
If you feel unstable with in few minute , try to add some cooler fans to maintain the temperature below 55

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Thank you very much, I’ll try this one…
Are your GPUs stable all the time??

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yes ! stable between 61 ~ 62 , for all time

Seems that on trex makes 1mh/s more.

Here’s my non Ti 3070 settings using gminer to mine ETH on HiveOS pool

Hope this helps.

Hi Guys, thank you for all your comments. I was mining Flux when I read this thread, sound very interesting so I decided to give it a go. But I could not get the rig to mine ETH.
I had created two new flight sheets, one with Gminer and the other with T-Rex. I loaded the flight sheet successfully, then I restarted the miners, that when they stopped. What’s stopping the miners from running? Thanks in advance (PS I continued with mining Flux atm. PSS I need some ETH for fusion fee on Zelcore lol)