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3070 TI FE on RavenCoin


Hello, yesterday I received my 3070Ti FE which I mounted on my RIG to mine RVN.

The temperature varies from 55 to 60 ° C, is it too high?

The temperature of the Vram is not available on HiveOS, how much do you think it is?

Should we change the thermal paste at the risk of voiding the warranty, or wait for the warranty to end to replace it?

I also find it a bit noisy, next to my 3060Ti is ultra quiet! You can’t hear it at all, while the 3070Ti makes noise …

I hesitate to buy other 3070Ti to complete my RIG or take only 3060Ti which apparently heat much less …

Are you satisfied with your 3070Ti or do you prefer the 3060Ti?

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