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3070 ti drops hashrates, fans 0 intensity

Hello guys,

please do you have anybody same problem like me? i add my last GPU 3070 ti, and after a few minutes my hashrate on this card drops to 30 Mhs and fans shows 0% intensity. I tryed replace hive, increase memory clocks, set no power limit… Nothing works. Is is possible to have this error from bad rizer or bad cables?
Memory temp on this card is just 84°C (after crash i cant see memory temp).

5 GPUs are mining with 900 core clock and 2600 memory clock without any issue. Last GPU is crashing with lower memory clocks.

I use latest stable image, Kernel too.
Drivers 510.60.02

Brand of GPU is gigabyte.

thanks for any response.
Good mining!

Lower mem clock each crash and reboot.

Repeat until stable

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