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3070 TI Best Settings (Asus TUF & Zotac)

Hi, hope you all are doing well, this is my first rig, a friend configured myh cards, are those good setting or what else i can do, i think mem temps are so high, I’ve seen other OC configs in some post with higher Core and mem values but also lower vram temps

thanks in advance…

A little more core, more mem and no power limit. Increase fan speed if you want lower mem temps without upgrading the thermal pads.

thanks I’ll try those settings, i’m using T-Rex miner, is that ok?

That’s best for lhr cards at the moment

Hi Keaton, i was trying today with Nbminer release, but i think temp is to high, increased fan speed but still going to hot, which core a mem speed can i use to lower it?

set fan to 100, with those temps youll likely need to replace the thermal pads with upgraded to get them much lower.