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3070 RTX problem

Has anyone encountered this ? Card seemingly looks ok-ish works as good as the other 3070s RTX i got ,but for some reason the FanSpeed although it’s set at 70% shows 0 which is the auto setting.

And i’ve checked it doesn’t work as auto but as the 70% setting i gave it.
Is it a HiveOS graphic glitch ? or do i need to be worried?

I’ve already swapt riser cards just in case didn’t change anything but haven’t tried changing drivers or anything like that cause frankly i don’t know if i should be worried or not.

toms hardware reccomends -500 core and +1200 on memory for a longer lasting card

after i boot my rig the card shows fan speed and everything else , after 1-2 minutes of working it looks like this and if i try to change overclocking settings it just doesn’t comply with any changes … i have to reboot the rig to get it to accept changes .
Also this particular rig’s miner restarts every 1 hour for some reason and i am starting to think it’s the card.
Anyone else encountered this?

thats msi after burner specs though?

you double that mem clock when using hive Os

I have the same issue with RTX 3070. If the fan speed shows 0%, look for wattage is not the full watts, i.e. 50W. then the hash rate is 64 Mhash, which is wrong. Also the temperature goes through the roof, which is fake. So the only way to resolve this is to do a 30sec restart.

My settings are
core: -400
mem: 2650
power limit: 125w

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