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3070 rig: NVtool error/Nvidia OC failure and lots of random shutoffs - Please help me troubleshoot!

I’m running a 6-card rig, all of which are 3070s. I’ve been getting a lot of random shutoffs and I’ve tried swapping out risers, cables, spsus, etc to no avail.

Any ideas? I’m going to flash hive to a different thumb drive right now and see if that helps at all, but it sucks losing uptime when it should just run.

Friend, I have a bad experience flashing cards, I always leave them original, I lose mh / s but I am stable and without problems

Dude try this. Go to OC tab and change the default overclock to 0 core, 0 men, PL 100 since you have RTX3070s with PL of 100w. Wait about 30 secs then go back and set those numbers to -200 core, 1200 me, and 120 PL. Leave the fans at 0 default.

Then go to your algorithm and make sure apply the same settings. Restart the miner and wait about 60 seconds you should see better results. What are you mining? If still have issues try getting on Phoenix miner on hiveos pool. Post result.

exact same issue error code = 3 whatever it means. developers could go thru everyt single issue and make list how to fix clear for averadge user. They write like explanations like entire world are programmers
forum is useless no replays for month.

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