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3070 not working hard enough

Hi all,

Just finished building my first 6 gpu rig.

The last card I installed was a 3070 and it seems to not want to draw as much power as my other cards. I have found overclock settings that make it efficient per watt, but it should be able to use more power and deliver a higher hashrate right?

I’m ERGO mining with nbMiner. All GPU drivers have been updated.

I can’t seem to get the card to use over 99 watts, the power limit is set to 170. When I set it to 130 the thing draws about 80 watts and delivers 80ish Mh… in the miner console when it was doing this the MUtl was half (16) for the 3070 vs all my other cards (30-34). With current settings the MUtl is up to 30, but still…

I’ve tried some common settings and none seem to fix this, if it is a problem.

I like the hashrate the card is getting now per watt, I just want to use more watts.


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