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3070 fan problem

Hi everyone,

Since yesterday i had a problem in mi rig. I had working 5 3070 aorus 3 oc and the issue is that 1 of those gpu had the cooler/fan of the mid that works at fully speed and makes a lot of noise.

Those are the setting in hiveos.

Also i made video that shows how it works.

I have a solution!

You are right about the fan noise being abnormal.

I just bought a used 3070 aorus master, and the fans were too loud to sit next to it.

It being used and out of warranty i went the extra mile to repair it.

Luckily i was successful with replacing the bearings.

You need 6 3x8x4 size bearings, ~1$/bearing

I would buy the budget one if you plan on selling the card in a year, but buy the premium for 3 times as much if you plan on using it long term. (Gigabyte uses the cheapest there is, and it lasts for around 2 years 24/7 use)

you can do the repair with an ifixit kit, or some very small screwdrivers.

If you need help contact me

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