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3070 B Stock (RX Serial) LHR?

Can you tell if a 3070 B Stock card is LHR? The serial number ends in RX. In GPU-Z it is labeled as GA104

look at the bios build date. is it before may 2021?

Release date: Sep, 1 2020
Driver Date: Dec, 15 2021
Not sure which is the BIOS build date.

With a little more digging and asking around in other communities, it appears that all 3070 B Stock ending in RX are FHR. Apparently that isn’t the case with 3060 B Stock.

I wouldn’t just bet on all, those b stock cards have to come from somewhere.

And all 3060s are eth limited, so of course b stock 3060s will be eth limited as well.

Agreed. I read on the evga forums that all B Stock (for all models) have indistinguishable markers, making it a lottery as to what you get.
But some people seem positive that the ‘RX’ in the number is in fact an indicator of FHR for the 3070.
Ha, who knows!

Maybe up until this point, but eventually the old cards will run out and the lhr cards will be the ones getting refurbished.

Exactly. I’m one to believe that they are all mixed in together and you wouldn’t know what you’ve got until you receive it. I don’t like it, but as a company, evga doesn’t have to specify which version (of the same model) they refurbish.

I just wanted to pool some other people’s opinions here for the folks looking up this info in the future!

All you have to do is plug it in, google the bios number and if the build date predates lhr, then it’s nonlhr

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