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3070 & 2060s not working on same rig

Hi all. I’ve just recently got a 2060 Super and when i put it into my rig with a 3070 and RX 6700xt it seems to clash with the 3070 resulting in both cards not working. I have tried the 2060 super on its own and it works find, so does the 3070 + 6700xt (been working a while together) but as soon as i add the 2060s it seems to prevent the 3070 and itself from working, the 6700xt will still mine. I have the 3070 + 6700xt on 1 psu and the 2060 on another. any help would be great, im currently updated the software and the drivers. it does appear to be a power issue but as ive stated they are on different PSU’s

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