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3060ti Unrecoverable memory error

Hi, last night i had a problem with one card of my rig. I try a serveal options:

  1. Connect only issue card to rig. (got the error)
  2. Change PCIe Slot (got the error)
  3. Connect to windows PC and run miner (got the error)
  4. Run some test but doesn’t reply the problem

But if i play in the windows PC y can play withou issue, the problem is when i run de the miner.

PS: sry my bad english

reduce memory clock and reboot. repeat until stable

I try, but doesn’t work. Finally i connect to windows PC and run some games, the image had some bad pixel or random lines with error.

Some people told me some VRAM is broke. =(

GOogle for a program called OCCT. You can stress your cards and test. It should show you if you have bad VRam.

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