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3060ti stopped working after HiveOS update

I have some NVIDIA cards, working for months without problems, but I clicked to update the rig and after that, when HiveOS is booting and tries to load NVIDIA drivers the boot stops and stuck the rig.

If I load in maintenance mode (no driver loading) i can see all the GPU, but if I disable de maintenance mode then the driver loading stop all the boot process.

I’ve tested all the cards and found the one that cause the problems…but that card was working like charm before update hiveOs.

I’ve downgraded nvidia drivers, hiveOs, and the same happens…problems when the drivers are loading, without drivers the card is detected fine.

What can I do? any tool to see/test the card to get some error code or something?

I just click on update hiveos and that card stopped working.

If you ever experience any potential software issues it’s best to do a fresh install of the latest stable hive image as it should only take about 15 minutes

You can do this via hive-replace -s from the rig itself, or with your computer and Rufus/balena.

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