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3060ti rvn accepted shares ratio

hello, im new to mining i have a RTX 3060ti LHR and im mining ravencoin with T-rex miner on flypool

i just switched to flypool to see if i can get less rejected shares but it s worse than 2miners which i was using, on flypool on like 15 mins i got 2 rejected shares and on 2 miners it s like 1 rejected share every 2 hours
i checked the ping to flypool server and i was flickering between : 80-500ms

so like i used i’m new so here are my questions :

  • what does rejected share means, and how much should the accepted shares ratio be ?
  • are my OC correct i can get 28.72 but it won’t be stable
  • are rejected shares related to the pool, the miner or hardware?
  • will getting a lower ping limit the rejected shares

and finally like i said im completely new so try explaining stuff on easy mod

Hello!! Im having this same issue!

When Mining on 2miners make alot rejected shares, so i tried to change the pool to flypool and The rejected shares falls like 85%

Also i tried alot diferents miners and nothing change

i lowered my overclocks now i’m mining with 27.5Mh on ravencoin using NBminer and flypool, accepted shares ration is 99.82 , hope that helps a bit

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