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3060TI LHR Overclocks and Drivers

I figured I would ask these questions to see what everyone else is using. I have 64 3060ti LHR running on TREX at around 46-48 mhs. The memory is a mix between Hynix and Samsung. The overclocks I am using is -502 core 1800 mem 145 PL. The nvidia driver I am using is the 470 version. My question here is should I be using absolute core lock? Should I update to newer drivers? And basically does anyone have any other suggestions to safely squeeze more mhs or lower wattage. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Use always lock core… to control better the temperature and the Watts. Also for dual mining and more profit with ETH + TON is better to use lock core.

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locked core clock and latest drivers are a must for lhr

Any suggestions on what OC values to start with? All my cards are evga. I’m updating all the rigs to 510.60.02 driver now and then i’m going to start playing with the OC.

Edit- half is Hynix and half is Samsung, so a starting point for each would be fantastic and save me boat loads of time.

good starting point for lhr cars is 1500 core, some will do full hashrate with less but its all trial and error. find the highest stable value for the memory as well as no power limit.

Thank you! So far I have 6 of the 7 rigs stable with 1485 1800, I started at 2400 and have worked my way down. The 7th rig restarts the miner after about 3-6 minutes and i’m still tweaking. I will post screenshots of the OC’s when i’m done as I’m hoping this thread helps many others with the EVGA 3060ti that have the rev1 Hynix.

With hynix Memory v1 don’t pass over 1750… or will end with crashes

I am finding that is the case with about 50% of my Hynix cards. A few have been stable at 2000, but most are at 1700-1800. It’s going to take me a few days to get all of them stable but when I do I will post my results.

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