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3060ti lhr oc settings help

Here’s my current oc settings. I am dual mining ergo/ZIl on nanominer and rtm on cpuminer.

I can’t boost my mem clocks above the 1390 MHz or all hell breaks loose and I have to do a hard rest on my rig. I’ve notice everyone else seems to get it around 2200-2400. I’ve tried absolute core clocking and raising my power limit. Nothing seems to work and I have to back my mem clocks back below 1400. I can drop the pl to 120w and they still run the same.

I have tried it just mining ergo on other miners as well(t-Rex and nbminer). Still about the same Hash rates and oc settings. I haven’t really tried other coins yet, kinda wanted to stick with ergo on this rig.

Also I’m running a evga 750 gold atx to run mobo and 2 cards/risers. And a 700w ho server psu to run the other 4 cards plus the random 1060 3gb. Both on 240v. I originally thought on 120v the psu’s couldn’t supply enough amps.

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