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3060ti lhr使用lolMiner1.47後ton算力下降


Set you core clock and remove power limit

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you need to restart the miner after making changes


You wanted more hashrate lol, it comes at the cost of more power.

Use the core clock to limit power draw if you don’t want to run them full blast

lolMiner 1.47後ETH上升但TON下降太多了

your memory clock is low. I am getting 52mh on ETH, Ton is just a bonus. I am not too worry about Ton hashrate.

Extra 20-30 watts or more for 500 or less MH/s TON is not profitable… At least for me at $0.12/kWh. I do not think it’s that much of an “extra”…

You’re right, that’s close to breaking even at those hashrates. Those cards should be getting 3x the ton but he them power limited

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